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One thing is for sure, the Hallmark Channel has another hit original series on its hands with Chesapeake Shores.

Not only did the first season of the series capture the hearts and minds of viewers, it became the highest rated season of any original series in Hallmark’s history. Now back for a second season, fans will continue to follow the adventures of Abby, Trace and the rest of the Chesapeake Shores family.
One of the reasons for the series success is the work of the talented Meghan Ory who plays Abby O’Brien. In the first season, Abby had to deal with changing jobs, a divorce and the possibility of rekindling an old romance. As Season 2 progresses, what will life have in store for Abby and Trace? Will there be an issue with Wes? Only time will tell and we are sure fans of the series, known as “Chessies”, will tune in each week.

We sit down with the lovely Meghan Ory to talk about Abby’s relationship with Trace, the tension this may bring with her ex Wes and what fans can look forward to with the rest of Season 2 of Chesapeake Shores!

The firs season of Chesapeake Shores was the Hallmark Channel’s highest rated season ever for any of it’s original series. Were you surprised by the quick success of the series ?
Meghan Ory – It’s always exciting when an audience enjoys the show you have spent months making for them, particularly since we film Chesapeake Shores on an island, in a little bubble away from the world. You never know how it’s going to be received and it was very gratifying that people liked it so much.

Why do you think a series like Chesapeake Shores has resonated so well with its viewers ?
Meghan Ory – I wish I knew the answer to that. For me, one of the reasons I loved the show in the beginning is that I loved the O’Brien family and wanted to spend time with them and get to explore their lives and stories. I think sometimes it’s nice to watch something where you just enjoy spending time with the characters.

With such success with the first season, do you and the cast feel any added pressure to live up to and surpass the success of the first season ?
Meghan Ory – I think that’s always in the back your head a little bit. Obviously, we want to do the show justice and hope the audience will like this season as much as they did before. At the end of the day though, all we can do is tell the stories we feel are right for the characters and hope the fans enjoy it again.

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MAGAZINE – La Palme !

Meghan is on one of this month digital cover of “La Palme Magazine” with the photoshoot by Kyle Cassie from last year. You can find the photos on the gallery of the site and the interview she did with them bellow !

Instagram or Snapchat?
Instagram, because I have no idea how Snapchat works!

How do you start your day?
With meditation and a big cup of coffee

Known by your friends as the __________ one?
The Dorky one. Because I like to make really lame jokes that I think are hilarious.

When you’re not acting you are?
Doing yoga or painting and hanging out with my husband.

Who is the first person you call when you land a role
My mom of course.

What is it like shooting “Chesapeake Shores,” and starring in the most-watched series in the network’s history?
Filming Chesapeake Shores is such a treat because we shoot in some of the most beautiful locations you can imagine. Everyone gets distracted during the day by the eagles flying overhead and the deer that sometimes wander into the shot. I’m so thrilled that people are enjoying watching the show as much as we enjoy making it.

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Home & Family !


Hello everyone,
Meghan was on Hallmark Channel morning talk show “Home & Family” yesterday (october 6th) with Laci J Mailey who plays her sister Jess on “Chesapeake Shores“. Here’s the interview and two others videos they did and you can find 16 pictures on the gallery of the site !

Let me also remind you that the first season of “Chesapeake Shores” will end this sunday…


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INTERVIEW – Pop Culture Principale !


Here’s a all new interview of Meghan for “Pop Culture Principale” focused on her new show “Chesapeake Shores” !

The Hallmark Channel is definitely putting its stamp on the television dramatic series. The network is showing that there is an audience out there for family-friendly television.

Their first original scripted series Cedar Cove lasted three seasons and set the bar for excellence in programming on the network. Soon, the original series When Calls the Heart premiered and not only became an instant hit, but inspired thousands of fans, known as the Hearties, to come together and form their own fan community.

Now, the network is back with its third original series Chesapeake Shores. The series premiered last week to strong ratings. One of the reasons for the success of the show is actor Meghan Ory who plays Abby Winters.

Meghan has built an impressive resume and continues to be a sought after actor in Hollywood today. You may remember her from the series Higher Ground or Vampire High. She’s also guest starred in series such as Smallville, Knight Rider, Psych and Supernatural. She starred opposite Lost’s Josh Holloway in the CBS series Intelligence and most recently, she played Little Red Riding Hood in the ABC hit series Once Upon a Time.

We sit down with Meghan to discuss Chesapeake Shores and her character Abby, what similarities she shares with her character and what fans can look forward during the first season of the Hallmark series.

POP CULTURE PRINCIPALE – What was it about the script for Chesapeake Shores that made you want to sign on to the project ?
Meghan Ory – I read the pilot and I just really loved that it was a story about a family and it was a show that was going to get into the family dynamics of being in a big family that’s in a small town. It just lends itself to so many different, dramatic situations that as an actor are really fun to play. I also love a love story and I saw what the role out for the future could be and it made me excited.

POP CULTURE PRINCIPALE – Did you have a chance to read the book series to prepare for your role ?
Meghan Ory – You know what, I wanted to but was told by my bosses that it was not a wise idea because the books are kind of a loose guideline for the series and they are not going to be followed to a tee. They were worried that it would put incorrect ideas in our head if we were to read the books and expect that this is where the show was going to go. When we finish, I will probably read them because it would be interesting to see where the show sort of diverges from the books.

POP CULTURE PRINCIPALE – Can you tell us the basic premise of Chesapeake Shores and about your character Abby O’Brien Winters ?
Meghan Ory – Chesapeake Shores is a small town and it’s where my character Abby grew up with her four siblings. The show is about going home again basically and being able to sort of rediscover who you use to be when life sort of gets in the way of that.

Abby works in finance in New York and has a very fast paced life and has a reason to go home to help out her sister. She realizes what she’s been missing out on in her life in her quest to just work more and more and harder and harder. She realizes that she needs to find some balance in her life.

I’m also from a small town and I think one of the things that I relate to about the show is that when you are from a small town, you grow up or I did anyway, thinking it’s so boring and there isn’t a lot to do there and you can’t wait to get out into the big world. Then when you get out into the big world, you realize that you had it great in your small town. It was kind of nice and comforting, you miss your family and want to spend more time with them when you are away. I think that there is a lot of that in Chesapeake Shores which is nice.

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